THE Mission


Drama Desk Award-winning and Tony Award-nominated Rosalind Productions Inc. is dedicated to Changing The Narrative to one that helps eliminate gender and racial bias. We champion an array of classical, contemporary and new stories about diverse, complex women and girls, who drive the story and display a range of masculine and feminine traits- the full scope of human nature. We create and support pieces that are visceral and imaginative, exploring big ideas in an entertaining manner, with a sense of humor. We aim to give audiences an emotional experience that creates catharsis, leading to self-awareness and a better understanding of their own humanity. We believe it is through empathy that people become more self-accepting, open-minded and inclusive.

Rosalind Productions was founded in 2005 by Abigail Rose Solomon. The company has produced theater in Los Angeles and currently produces on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and film. We are committed to making our rehearsal process and performances safe spaces where theater-makers feel empowered to bring their full selves, personalities, ideas and instincts into their artistry and work, on and off the stage. We also strive to create a theater experience where all audiences feel welcome. We prioritize working with women creatives and creatives of underrepresented genders, of all races and ethnicities, and are more interested in talent than resume. We collaborate with artists who are intelligent, powerful, soulful, and most of all, kind.

THE Name

ROSALIND, the heroine in Shakespeare’s comedy, As You Like It, is one of the greatest roles ever written for women. Like all of Shakespeare’s leading ladies, she is intelligent, witty, resourceful, and brave. What’s remarkable about Rosalind is that she drives much of the play’s action, creates other characters’ destinies, and gets what she wants in the end. She even gives the Epilogue, highly unusual for a female character. It’s her play, with a happy ending. In the vibrant Forest of Arden, she is reunited with her long-lost father, as she marries the love of her life, always with her closest girlfriend at her side.

In Stages, the play that inspired the inception of ROSALIND PRODUCTIONS, the lead character is an actress, currently performing the role of Rosalind in a production of As You Like It.

Finally, Rosalind combines the name ROSE, Abigail’s middle name, with LINDA, Abigail’s mother’s name.